Perpetual Fantasy #1 – Living The Mythology

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What mythologies are we attempting to live out in our lives today? Joseph Campell suggests in The Power of Myth we have lost our sense of mythology in Modern society. Now that we are Post Modern or even Millennial, how much more so have we left behind these unconscious archetypes?

The Hero. The Fool. Warrior. Queen. Pharoah. Father. Neighbor.

Have we made our final grasp toward the machine? Is technology itself the Mark of the Beast or is it our own inability to make something good with our society and ourselves? I would suggest the latter. Mankind is flawed. We have no inner peace in our society. That’s our Mark, not an iPad. We can twist the most beautiful inventions and creations into monstrosities of nuclear proportions.


I suggest we return to our Great Stories and mythologies for some answers to societal ills. We need to reawaken the Hero’s Journey individually within ourselves. It is only when we search within ourselves that we realize the humanity of others. We see the Spark in other people because we first saw it in ourselves. I believe ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Greek had a firm grasp on these mythologies, laying the foundation for all of Modern civilization. Now our Global community.

Being a musician can be quite the Hero’s Journey sometimes. Maybe even a Fool’s Journey. The reality probably lies somewhere in the middle as usual. Being back in the Nashville area this year playing Music has been a trip and a half. Adventures have ranged from playing Original Music shows in Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, Smyrna and Nashville to playing the many blues jams and open mics in the area. The good news is we have pictures and videos of all of this!

The Only Limits That Exist Are The Ones We Create.


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